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Do you have an old COLOR or BLACK & WHITE SLIDE that you want to use as digital media? Find an old SLIDE in a family collection that you want converted. We have your solution for:

We provide a High Resolution image of your original for printing or electronic device use. When converting slides there is a loss of about 20% of the image and conversions are typically not well suited for large prints or canvas reproduction.
These images were taken from old Kodachrome Slides. The slides of the water skiers were from 1952.

The slides of the couple were from the 1940's.

There is an interesting story behind the slides of this couple. I had purchased an antique 35mm camera and there were about 60 slides in a box in the camera case. There was a name for the owner on the box, that I was able to trace back to an obituary... the name of a man who had passed away in New Jersey in the late 1990's. There were family members listed in the obituary and using that information and the internet, I was able to contact the daughter in Pennsylvania who connected me with the oldest son who lived in Washington State. I sent a couple of images to him via email and he confirmed they were photo's of his parents.

The interesting part???  He told me that in 2011 there had been a house fire and they lost most everything... including all of their precious family photos. He felt bad because as the oldest, he had all of those old family photos.

He was excited to see the image of the tractor with his Mother sitting behind the wheel. He told me he remembered that he was 9 years old and sitting with his family in their farm house in New Jersey, during a snow storm, waiting for his Father to arrive home. His Father was driving the tractor home from the dealership, that was nearly 20 miles away and everyone was worried because of the snow. He told me of his feelings of seeing his dad drive that tractor up the drive. Feelings that were forgotten until he again saw this image.

I was able to send the slides and the digital conversions to one very happy man... who again had a connection to his parents and his childhood's lost memories. Funny how things work, isn't it?