Solutions for your PHOTOGRAPHY needs.
At Augusta Photo Solutions, the "US" refers to the husband and wife team of Dennis & Carol Cavanaugh. Dennis supplies the imagination and creativity, as well as taking and editing the photos, while Carol assists on photo shoots and supplies lots and lots of support. LOVE!

Graduating from small point and shoot cameras to his first "Big-Boy Camera" in 1982, Dennis became known as the "Camera Man" because he was always taking pictures of something and usually had the camera in someones face. SMILE! 

Dennis learned to see in the film era, shooting Kodachome Slide film in one camera and Black and White Pan film in the other. When not out shooting pictures, Dennis could be found in his darkroom where he was developing and manipulating his images.

Dennis jumped into the Digital Camera era in 1997, buying a Kodak DC50 with a huge 0.38 megapixels of resolution. It wasn't much compared to his camera of today that shoots at 23.0 megapixels, but it was revolutionary back then. Getting on the digital bandwagon also allowed him to get out of the darkroom and begin the process of editing photos on his computer, that has lead to his mastery of using the Photoshop tools today. Along the way, Dennis starting collecting and repairing cameras as a hobby and now has over 1000 specimens.

In the end, what Dennis can provide for you is EXPERIENCE. This knowledge in the practical application of photography and creative editing, coupled with a patient, humorous disposition will provide you with the Photo Solutions you need.

< Dennis imagines what he would have looked like in 1948 with his brand new Polaroid Model 95 instant camera. The first Polaroid Camera made. It could deliver a photo in 1 minute. 

Dennis would have had one, but he had not yet been born.
< Mostly 35mm & TLR Cameras of all makes and models.
< Can someone say POLAROID?
Dennis imagines what he would look like today >
< It seems that everytime Dennis turned around he was telling Carol that he "was going out shooting pictures". 

Dennis created an image of himself "Out Shooting Pictures". In fact it appears as if he is shooting the moon. 
In the photo below, Dennis gave himself a pet "kitty"
< Dennis is reflected in the eye of a horse.